The Walking Dead jerked us off with No Finish!

It’s the way I feel kids. The Walking Dead jerked us off with no finish!

I love the Walking Dead. I love characters and the world the it created. But this season was all about the cliffhangers and frankly I don’t think this is a good direction for the show to go in. Cliffhangers don’t progress the story forward. They just make you think they did but really they’re just a ploy. One is fine but a whole season of them is not cool!

The Walking Dead needs to think about longevity and take a page from Game of Thrones. How much longer with the show go on? The 7th season will start in October and now is the perfect time to have a plan and decide how you want to the series to evolve and end! Let’s not have a Lost on our hands kids!

They really should have showed us who Negan killed! It would have still been a cliffhanger since they could have cut to black mid killing. We earned it kids. They built up Negan. This season has been one gut wrenching scene after another. Instead now we’re are left to ponder this for the next six months! BOO!

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Fangirl has moved to Tuesday! Can’t wait for more The Walking Dead! We’ll have to wait until October!

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1 Comment

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