Vegas, Foodie Fusion Heaven

Vegas is always a crapshoot and this does not stop when it comes to restaurants. Coming from LA, a mecca of amazing and unique food, there is nothing more exciting than trying out new and exciting restaurants. The course was clear….a delicious and unique meal in Vegas. This is something that can be harder to find than one might think. While, there are hundreds of restaurants owned by world-renowned chefs, they have to cater to the masses so oftentimes they lack they creativity and uniqueness that even the chefs themselves wish they had. Luckily, there is one man that will never bow down to the masses, and that is none other than Jose Andres, the amazing Spanish chef that constantly leaves no creative stone unturned.

This is true even in Vegas. China Poblano, Andres’ Chinese/Mexican fusion restaurant in the Cosmopolitan offers unique and bright flavor combinations that satisfy all of your taste buds. Their cocktail list is imaginative and delicious with such flavor combinations as Elderflower, hibiscus, gin and cava or green tea, whiskey and sour mix. Their food is just as mind blowing. Try their “like water for chocolate” which combines crispy quail with dragon fruit and water chestnuts or their barbacoa taco with onion and pickled cactus. No matter what you order, you will not be disappointed!

And, if your craving the food love that is Jose Andres but aren’t in Vegas, try Bazaar at the SLS in LA….and don’t forget to order their take on the Philly cheesesteak while you are there! Philly in an amuse bouche…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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