Upping Mileage the Right Way! My Running Diary

Upping Mileage can be daunting to a lot of runners. At times I too can be super hesitant about committing to adding distance to my runs. But I’ve learned how to up mileage the right way! My running diary.


Diary of a Running Chick: August 8th, 2016

Usually it is a struggle for me to up my mileage. I get comfortable with the distance and amount of time I spend running, and my body discomfort level. I always seem to spend a lot of time debating whether or not I should up my miles, when’s the best time to do it, and how frequently I should take the plunge. But every time I up it, I feel so great and happy that I did!

Why do I spend so much time debating whether I should up my mileage? I’m not sure, but I know it’s a common hurdle for all levels of runners. It’s probably because I have to put myself in the right mindset. I need to be mentally prepared for the increase and there is a much better way of doing it! Don’t agonize over the challenge so much. Personally, the idea to go farther enters my mind when I’m already ready to do it. I don’t need to keep fighting it, because the fight always lingers and I’m already physically capable. The desire to run farther remains until I go for it and no matter how long I fight it, even when I just want to up my mileage by a half mile. I always end up giving in, so I learned to give in right away!

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Jump right in! This is especially true when I up my mileage by a small amount. I do this from time to time to give me extra incentive to pick up my pace and it works great. More often than not, I don’t go back to my old distance. It’s the best way for me to stay consistent with a new mileage too. I haven’t once resorted back! Its how I first started running and it holds true. The easiest way to learn how to run farther is by simply going farther than you think you can one day.

A great way to consistently up mileage is by having a variety of running routes. I always have a few different routes, or versions of a route, in mind before I go run. When I first began running outside I did not do this and I got in a rut. I learned pretty quickly that I’d enjoy running more if I added variety and was able to run different things. I strive to always have a slightly different view of a street or area. This keeps each run different and interesting. It also keeps me craving different routes. Who doesn’t love that?


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I have to be realistic when I’m upping my mileage. Right now I’m working to make sure I keep my runs distinctly different. I want to make sure I run significantly longer at least one day a week. I have a seven mile route that I really like and that I’ve been adding in. I always try to start out going longer just one day a week, as opposed to trying to run longer three times a week. Starting with a goal of multiple days beyond your traditional limits is daunting and frankly unrealistic. When you add significant mileage to your run, you have to expect that it’s going to take more time and you need to budget that time into your day. Its going to be harder and you’ll feel it more the next day. So start with a more realistic goal, then set a bigger one afterwards!

I really do love upping my mileage. I love the way it makes me feel, knowing that I’m lengthening my daily route, creating a new route and adding in the variety of a longer run. It keeps my runs different, fun and always challenging. It keeps me coming back and craving my runs every morning. There is no monotony and that is the best part, as I don’t mind doing the same activity every day, but I want it to be different.



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