Ultimate Guide to Preparing For an Epic Road Trip

Travel is fun and planning a trip is great for your health. What are you waiting for? Cass Telford has your Ultimate Guide to preparing for an Epic Road Trip!

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No one needs to tell you that travel makes you happy, but did you know that pre-planning is a big part of that boost in wellbeing? That’s according to a study in Applied Research for Quality of Life. It is suggested that the anticipation of the trip is a large part of the stress relieving and mood-boosting effects. Road trips are something all Americans dream of, so why not start planning today? Planning will ensure you make the most of this rare opportunity once you hit the road. It’s also just a lot of fun. Time for an epic road trip!


Mapping your journey

One of the most difficult but important parts of your preparation is the route you will take. Where will you start and end? For this, you need a map. Not Google Maps, not Apple Maps, but an actual big, physical map. You want to be able to visualize your journey.

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Plot the key stops you want to visit so that the remaining work is largely joining the dots. Study the roads closely. Do you want something straight and easy or winding, mountain roads? Work out the distances and timings so that you know how long to leave free to complete the trip. This should only be a basic structure though. Ensure you leave room for spontaneity.

Prepping your vehicle

The vehicle is, of course, completely integral to a road trip, so be wise with your choice. Are you looking to find a deal on a new car or do you already own the vehicle? You may be wanting something large enough to sleep in such as an RV or prefer the freedom of a motorcycle. Make sure you have something suitable for the terrain. These are all decisions you’ll need to make.

Whatever you choose, get it fully serviced. A road trip can be ruined by breakdown, so make sure that the vehicle is in the best condition possible. You’ll then need to prep it with emergency supplies, such as tools, blankets, and a spare wheel, in case of disaster. Bring plenty of paper maps, so that you can always find your way if you get lost.


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Consider entertainment

A road trip will bring you to new places, so it will inevitably be exciting. However, a long time spent on the road can become monotonous. You’ll therefore need to consider your entertainment. Music is essential, so spend some time putting together the perfect road trip playlist based on your tastes. This activity in itself is a fun process. Bring plenty of snacks to maintain energy levels and consider the games you’ll want to play. This is a time to really get to know your fellow travelers, so embrace the boredom and get creative.

Even if you’re not someone who likes to plan ahead, if you love to travel then you’ll enjoy the preparation. Properly planning a road trip can add to the anticipation and excitement, stretching out the benefits of a vacation even longer. Pick your route, vehicle, and entertainment and you’ll be ready to set off.


Additional Road Trip Photo Credit: Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

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