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Ultimate Buffalo Cheese Dip | Baking with Bitches comedy cooking | Pillow Talk TV

Baking with Bitches, where two bitches cook the crap out of stuff. Its the Ultimate Buffalo Cheese Dip for your Super Bowl party. If these bitches can do it, so can you. Comedy cooking rocks!


This is the ultimate Buffalo Cheese Dip bitches. Its super spicy and keeping it healthy(ish). Plus its vegetarian friendly. Baking with Bitches is real comedy and real cooking. This food tastes god damn amazing bitches. Make this dip for your Super Bowl party, or eat it all on the couch alone. We won’t tell.

Real cooking, real swearing, and a ton of attitude. Baking with Bitches has another killer recipe for the Super Bowl, vegetarian Buffalo Cheese Dip. Its f@cking easy and so damn delicious. Comedy cooking at its best, because these two Bitches are real, yo.

Comedy cooking is the only way to make food, bitches. Anyone can make this dip, but only these bitches make it funny.

Time to start baking. Buffalo Cheese Dip bitches! Baking with Bitches. Over the top comedy cooking, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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