Turning over a new leaf in Fitness and Life!


It’s time to turn over a new leaf kids! We’re at the time of year when lots of people let their fitness slide. The weather is nice, the days are longer, and friends are throwing parties. Last weekend was the unofficial start to summer, so where’s your fitness gone? You barbecued, you drank, you relaxed and slept it, and you probably let go of your daily exercise a bit. Time to turn a new leaf in life and in fitness.

Summer can get super busy. Every weekend is a new party, wedding, or family trip. So before the ride takes off, get your exercise on track. Make sure you’re doing some sort of formalized exercise three times during the week! Don’t skimp kids. If its classes you like, go sign up for your class the day before. That way you will already have it in your mind that you’re going. If you love to run or do gym workouts, make sure you set your alarm to get up and you get out the door! I know I’ve stressed it before, but scheduling your exercise is a great way to stick with it now and through the hectic summer months!


Once you’ve got your weekday workouts covered, it’s time to tackle those weekend workouts. Don’t worry, these can be passive! It’s the effort that counts. Go for a long walk with friends and catch up on all the gossip. Make a plan for a hiking date with your boyfriend or girlfriend and enjoy that sunshine. Both hiking and long walks are a passive form of exercise; low intensity and always fun. If you make it a group activity, you won’t even realize that you’re working out!

As the days get longer, what better way to end your summer day than by going on a nice bike ride? Biking, just like hiking and long walks, can be a great passive exercise. When biking with a friend, it’s casual and even relaxing! Not only is biking a fun way to spend an hour, but you’ll burn some killer calories and end up craving those nightly and weekend rides. If you live close to a park or to the beach, you can pack a bag with food and drinks and make a whole day biking and lounging in the sun!


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There are endless possibilities for exercising outside during the summer! Grab a tennis partner and go outside and hit some balls. Hit up your local basketball court and start a pickup game of hoops. Find a swimming pool and hop in for a swim! Swimming is such an amazing workout, but not matter what, keep yourself active this summer.

Turn over a new leaf and remind yourself why you love to exercise! Be smart about what you’re eating and keep up with your physical fitness. Indulging is one thing, but don’t let yourself jump off the health wagon. Those fatty foods always taste better as a treat anyhow. Keep yourself on track during the week so you don’t have to be as strict while socializing over the weekends. Plan time for you and stick with it this summer.

Turn over that leaf. Make sure you have a clear fitness plan for the summer. Working out is so easy now that the weather is warm. The outdoors are your oyster, so indulge in all the wonderful activities! Turning over that leaf is easy!



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