Truth About Running with a Stroller: Running Success

Running with a stroller looks intense, but that didn’t scare me off from my own plans. After running with my stroller for over six months, here is the honest truth!


Diary of a Running Chick: December 18th, 2017

Anytime I see a mother or father running with a stroller, I commend them. It always looks intense, but that didn’t scare me off from my own plans to run with a stroller. I was determined to continue to run after having a baby and that was a big running success goal I achieved. After running with my stroller for over six months, here is the honest truth!

Start out walking with your stroller. I was walking with my stroller when my baby was just four days old! I craved getting outside and made sure I kept my body moving. Walking with my stroller let me first become comfortable with my new baby and the stroller. It also helped her become comfortable with being in the stroller itself.

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Make sure you still run without your stroller. After having my baby, I spent weeks running without my baby. This allowed me to get my running legs back. Running with a stroller is much more intense than running alone, so you need to be mentally and physically prepared. Since I took a month off, I needed to get back into running first before I started running with my stroller.

Switch off with your partner. My husband is super awesome about running with the stroller. Since I run with it way more than he does, anytime we run together he runs with the stroller. This is super nice and gives me a rest. Since I run on average six times a week, it lets me run with someone else and not have to worry about the baby!


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It gets easier. Remind yourself that running with a stroller gets easier. I’ve gotten so much stronger. My pace is getting faster with the stroller and also much faster on my own. This allows me to go for quick runs alone and also to keep up with my husband when he runs with the stroller.

Just go with how it feels. Don’t fight running with a stroller. It definitely takes some getting used to. You need to be more careful than when you’re running on your own. Don’t try to be a speed demon if you run on sidewalks and be careful when you run by people. I’ve had a few close calls. Don’t ever assume a car sees you and if you need to stop and walk, do it! You’re getting such a good workout regardless of pace. Remind yourself of that.

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There are definitely days that I hate running with my stroller, but most days I love it! I used to spend so much time running alone, that it’s nice to run with someone else. My baby normally sleeps, but she’s discovered the sun roof above her hear that lets me see her and her see me! She’s also learning to take in her scenery, so it’s super nice to know she is awake and watching.

I’m so glad I stuck it out running with a stroller. There are days it’s hard and there are days that I’m so focused that I’m one with the stroller. Every day is different when you run with a stroller!


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