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We saw a screening of All The Money In the World this past weekend! I love movies based on true stories. Anytime I see this pop on the screen or when it says “Inspired by Real Events” I immediately go read the real story. We’ve put together our Fact Vs Fiction review.


I’m fascinated by the story of the Getty’s. I love the Getty Center and the Getty Villa in Los Angeles. They are two of my favorite museums. The one thing I knew about J. Paul Getty is that he loved art and he famously negotiated the ransom of his grandson.

One major change is that they majorly focused on the mother. They had Paul Getty living with his Mother in Rome when he was kidnapped. He did live in Rome but he lived there by himself. He had lived with his Dad in Morocco and Rome but his Dad left and went back to London. It was his Dad who asked his Grandfather for the money not the Mother. I see why they shifted the story to focus on the Mother/Son relationship. Michelle Williams is amazing in the film!

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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Another fact in our Fact Vs Fiction is really interesting point of the film that Paul had joked about having friends kidnap him to get money from his cheap Grandfather. In the film they have it that they all believe for months that Paul set up his own kidnapping.

All the Money in the World directed by Ridley Scott is a must see especially if you like films based in truth! Let’s all give a round of applause to Christopher Plummer for stepping in the 11th hour and killing it as J. Paul Getty.



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