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Top 5 Los Angeles Swag For Anyone Who Loves LA!

Los Angeles swag

Los Angeles is a fabulous city, so whether you live here, visited, or long to be in LA, these are the top five ways to rep this amazing city. We love Los Angeles swag!


The city of Los Angeles is a unique and beautiful place. It’s where we live and it’s my favorite city in world. I love it here! So many people come in and out of this city to live, work, or just to visit. Even more enjoy showing off their Los Angeles swag. No matter where you live, you can rep this city with our top five pieces of Los Angeles Inspired swag. Anyone who loves LA needs these!

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Did I mention that LA is one of the most famous cities in the world? It’s not just fabulous, but also well known. Having a little piece of LA in your home, to wear, or to have you with all day long, is wonderful and easy. We have the swag for you. Snag everything on our list if you dare and remember, BuzzChomp is an affiliate for the items listed below. You’re helping us deliver great content by helping yourself with great new things.


Top 5 Los Angeles Swag



“Homesick” Premiere LA Scented Candle

This scented candle is so cute! If you once lived in Los Angeles and want to be able to get those smell vibes, then this is for you. Cure your homesickness with a soy blend candle that definitely has nostalgia vibes.

Buy It: $33.99 on


See’s Candies Famous Milk Chocolates

See’s Candies are an LA staple and truly delicious. Most people from LA, or those who’ve visited here, will tell you to go to See’s Candies. The chocolates are delicious and worth it!

Buy It: $35.75 on


In-N-Out Burger T-Shirt

In-N-Out Burger is pure Los Angeles and iconic all by itself. People come to LA and make it their first stop after they get off the airplane. Now you can rep your favorite burger spot and LA!

Buy It: $18.57 on


“Haus and Hues” Surf and Beach Wall Art

I love beach inspired art. This one is awesome and this company has so many great choices. I love the surf board and the palm trees so much!

Buy It: $32.99 on


Los Angeles Tote Bag

This Los Angeles tote bag is so cute. Keep it in your car or bring it out with you and rep the amazing Hollywood view. You can never go wrong with this style bag.

Buy It: $18.99 on



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