Top 5 Halloween Apps

Halloween’s coming up fast and before it gets here, take some time to enjoy these Haloween Apps:

1. Costume Decider Halloween is about dressing up and wearing a costume.  With so many to choose from, Costume Decider helps you make that choice.  The app allows you to spin a wheel that points to hundreds of costumes to choose from.

2. Halloween Spooky Sound Box Free This app gives you several spooky sounds to play.  A nice addition to have as your trick or treaters start showing up.

3. Pumpkin Pal  Why worry about carving your own pumpkin when you have Pumpkin Pal? Turn your iPad into a pumpkin carving.

4. Talking Skeleton Customize your very own skeleton.  Full of colors and scary sounds.

5. True Ghost Stories From Around the World Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a good ghost story.  Tired of the same maniac in the woods story.  Try this app for telling, reading, or listening to all user submitted stories.

Enjoy.  Time for a pumpkin spice latte.


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