Google’s New Chromebook


Taking a page from the Microsoft/Apple playbook.  Google is releasing their own computer. This computer comes of course with Chrome installed and Google’s operating system.  A set of pre-loaded apps and all can be backed up to the cloud.  Nice.  But the price is also just right $249.  Jeesh you could get a Chromebook and a Nexus 7 for the cost of one iPad.

Its features:

  • Only 2.5 lbs and .8 inch thick – light and thin
  • Chrome OS with all Google Apps backed up effortlessly
  • Expanded WiFi to connect to networks quicker

I can remember the day when people use to get loans to pay for their computers.  (Apple loan anyone?) For this price, an entire generation can get online.  This computer will help close the digital divide.  Imagine eBay a year from now–you could probably pick up a Chromebook for a $100 or less.

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