Top 10 Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets Sleeper Picks

super bowl 57 prop bets

Winning is great, but winning in style is the ultimate respect. These top sleeper picks are where the money’s at. Super Bowl 57 prop bets, following hunches straight to the bank.

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With Super Bowl week upon us, it’s time to dive deep into the world of proposition bets. Anyone can guess whether Philadelphia or Kansas City will win, but it takes a certain kind of person to think they know how many receiving yards DeVonta Smith will have…for example. We know you’re that type of person, so win in style with us.

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Below are your sleeper picks, our top ten Super Bowl 57 prop bets. Consider them our favorites, but also the ones you can surely cash in on. Whether you’re at the sports book, or placing wagers on your phone, remember these ten prop bets. Then parlay them into glory!


Top Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets

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Todd Salem: Five Sleeper Picks

A.J. Brown Super Bowl MVP (+1600)

The two quarterbacks are heavy, heavy favorites, as one would expect. And if the Chiefs do win, it’s hard to imagine Patrick Mahomes not being MVP of the game. However, I don’t think the same is true in reverse. If Philadelphia wins, I could see a few different outcomes leading to others being named MVP.

The most likely of those outcomes is a pass-catcher on the Eagles dominating Hurts’ targets and becoming the focal point of the attack. Quarterback often wins the game MVP, but wide receiver is the second-most likely position, at least in recent years. While the aforementioned Smith offers better odds, Brown is more of a game-breaker.

Travis Kelce Over 78.5 Receiving Yards

The Eagles will try to take him away; they will fail. With how banged up the rest of the KC receiving corps is, Kelce will be the fulcrum of the offense.

Jalen Hurts Over 49.5 Rushing Yards

He’s had an extra week now to rest up and get healthy. The entire Eagles’ offense relies on Hurts’ legs setting the tone. He actually didn’t hit this mark as often as you’d think during the season, but when the offense demands it, this is its best course of action. In the two previous playoff games, Hurts was in range of 49.5 yards on the ground while being banged up. A healthier Hurts should unleash his best weapon.

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Head-To-Head Rushing Yards Isiah Pacheco (+115) Over Miles Sanders

As Sanders has dipped in committee usage for Philly, Pacheco has established himself as the go-to carrier out of the backfield for Kansas City. This hasn’t always resulted in a lot of yardage, but the Eagles are sneakily kind of bad against the run. They gave up 4.6 yards per carry this year, 24th in the league. The pass rush rightly gets all the praise, but stopping the run has been another story.

First Missed Field Goal Will Be Short [Including Blocked And Crossbar] (+325)

There are a few pieces of narrative which, I think, favor this pick. First, both teams have good kickers, so we might not get any misses. In that case, we just get the bet money back; no harm done. Both these coaches also like to go for it on fourth down, meaning we could see fewer field-goal attempts. 

That leaves the option of when a field goal is the only thing that makes sense: a deep kick with too far to go on fourth or when the half or game is running down. Harrison Butker has also seen a dip in his power this season, perhaps stemming from his Week 1 injury. It all leads to a missed kick potentially being short, as opposed to missed left or right, which have poorer odds to boot.


super bowl 57 prop bets


Dan Salem: Call It A Hunch…

Will The Team That Scores First Win The Game? No (+140)

Call it a hunch, but I’ve witnessed Kansas City start slow all too many times, while the Eagles often start hot and cool way down. The Chiefs are my pick to win the game, but I’m betting that Philadelphia scores first to get things started. Either way, this is not going to be won by the team that first records points.

First Score Of The Game: Eagles Field Goal (+390)

This is a pseudo combination bet with the wager above. The Eagles will score first, with a field goal. Everyone is underestimating Kansas City’s defense, but they continue to perform better than the stats tell us. The Chiefs keep Philly out the endzone, holding them to a field goal in the early going.

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What Song Will Rihanna Sing First At The Halftime Show? We Found Love (+1400)

This one would otherwise be a shot in the dark, if not for Mandi’s foresight. I simply posed the question to her of what song Rihanna will sing first, and this was her answer. No hesitation. We Found Love will be played first. Boom.

Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl MVP (+135)

I can’t help but double and triple down once I choose my winner for a game. It’s a boom or bust philosophy, yet there’s a 50/50 shot at me being correct for Super Bowl 57. Since the Chiefs will be winning this game, Mahomes will be winning his second Super Bowl MVP award.

Super Bowl Anytime Touchdown: Isiah Pacheco (+120)

In general this is a poor wager, yet not for someone like Pacheco. He’s becoming a mainstay in the Kansas City offense, finding the endzone with consistency. This is because teams are doubling up on Kelce in the Red Zone, leaving Pacheco open for the score. Will he get into the endzone in Super Bowl 57? Yes he will.


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