Too Many F@cks CENSORED | Pillow Talk TV comedy web series

There’s no better word than f@ck, but its applications are often misunderstood. You can literally use f@ck in almost every f@cking sentence. Its f@cking hilarious comedy. Too many f@cks!


F@ck is a beautiful word with so many amazing applications. Too many f@cks indeed, as we use it in every f@cking way possible. This is a lesson in language, but the best f@cking kind!!

How and when to use f@ck, like when you bump into things. Or in casual conversation. F@cking with someone is almost as much fun as f@cking someone. The most amazing word EVER. F@ck!

Your favorite duo gives you an educational lesson in profanity, with a New York spin. Swearing is great, but using f@ck is even better. Now its time to f@ck off.

Pillow Talk TV doesn’t care about your comfort zone, so screw it! Laugh and enjoy as we go a little bit crazy. Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

When Sex has Consequences – You’ll NEED a Running Stroller

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