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The West Wing Revisited S1E1 take off. This show just throws you right into the middle of the story. Very Aaron Sorkin show and in the best way possible. It’s very much a late 90s/00s show.


The West Wing Revisited S1E1 take off. This show drops you right into the middle of the story and that’s so much like many other Aaron Sorkin’s shows/movies. That’s one of the things I love about his story telling is you truly feel like your experiencing a significant portion of these people’s lives, but that they lived before and will continue to live on after.

The West Wing S1E1 Reaction

We first meet Sam, played by Rob Lowe, and he’s picking up a lady and then we find out he works for the president. We then meet Josh, played by Bradley Whitefield and he’s said something he shouldn’t have to a christian right wing group and now he’s in hot water. Classic tropes, but they are so very well done.

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For a show that’s about the west wing, POTUS, played by Martin Sheen, doesn’t show up until the end of the episode, but we get nuggets about him, like that he’s clumbsy, makes bad jokes, and is a bit hot headed, but in the end he’s a good family man who cares about making a difference.

The President’s approval rating isn’t good and the whole west wing really isn’t in a good spot. Every character is dealing with some very pivotal moment in their life.

Have you seen West Wing before? What are your thoughts on S1E1. Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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