Martin Scorsese Top 5 Movies All Time

Martin Scorsese top 5 movies of all time! His career is flawless and he’s directed such a wide variety of films. He’s definitely one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.


Martin Scorsese Top 5 movies of all time! His career is flawless and he’s directed such a wide variety of films. Some of these films I needed to make sure that my memory served me correctly because I couldn’t remember that he did in fact direct them. The genres and style of his film are varied, which truly makes them one of a kind and incredible.


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Whether it’s Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street which truly embodies the douchiness of Wall Street and these type of brokerage firms. His remake of Cape Fear is great. Dare I say is better than the original. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the Color of Money and looking back on it, it shows the versatility of Scorsese’s directorial style. Of course my list is not complete without Taxi Driver. It’s such an iconic classic Martin Scorsese film and one of the many collaborations with Robert De Niro. Our second on this list.

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My top film is The Departed. I love all the Boston references, the cast is stellar, and it’s an exceptional gangster/cop film. Share with me your thoughts? Make sure you check out my Top 5.



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