The Walking Dead THEM crazy speculations!


It’s Fangirl Friday. The Walking Dead most recent episode THEM leads us to some crazy speculations!

The most recent episode of The Walking Dead is exactly what I thought the first episode of the season was like. It started off a bit slow. The whole group of survivors were definitely mourning their losses and licking their wounds.

Sasha and Noah need to shape up or shift out. They’re definitely both the lowest point of the group and if they don’t get their acts together they’re going to get more people killed.

This episode ending on a high note. A man name Aaron shows up! Who is Aaron? How long has he been following the group? OMG! We hope this isn’t another terminus situation!

Can’t wait for Sunday’s new episode!


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Daryl Rick 5x10

20150216_034552_walking dead_500


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Happy Fangirl Friday and The Walking Dead is about to heat up!


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1 Comment

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