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The Walking Dead Season 9 episode 2 recap & reaction. It’s part of our BuzzChomp TV video series. The Walking Dead continues on the course set out for it, but is it just “eh” now?


This recap and reaction contains SPOILERS

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 2 recap & reaction. This episode plots along by doubling down on the rift between our group. The saviors are getting more and more alienated, but they’ve agreed to help rebuild the bridge. Rick, Carol, and Daryl are trying to keep the peace even though the cracks are evident.

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Basically, the saviors have had a bunch of deserters, who coincidently have not made it back to the sanctuary, as well as their gas truck never showed up to the Hilltop. This has Maggie not wanting to keep her end of the bargain even though the saviors are adamant that they sent the truck. Since even though Rick & Co want to trust the saviors no one realizes that their next big enemy, The Whisperers, are here and picking off their people.

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Unfortunately, Aaron’s lie dramatically changes in this episode while Maggie still holds her ground at the Hilltop ruling by only making decisions herself. The episode had some action, but most of it just hammered in that the peace Rick and Co worked to create with everyone is being jeopardized by the relationship they’ve created with the saviors.

I know where they are going with this first half of The Walking Dead Season 9 and that’s why I’m feel “eh.” There is just nothing new or interesting about it. It’s leaving me feeling like I watch until Rick dies and then bail out. Check out our full video for the full recap and reaction.

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