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The Walking Dead Season 9 Ep4 OMG recap and reaction! This is it! The moment we’ve all waited for. Rick second to last episode and he’s now in quite the pickle! It’s BuzzChomp TV TWD video series.


This recap and reaction contains SPOILERS

As you all know The Walking Dead Season 9 is Rick’s last season! He’s only in the first 5 episodes and episode 4 set it up OMG style. Episode 4 reminded me of old school The Walking Dead. It set up the drama and then focused solely on how that drama affected Rick and Daryl.

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For the recap this is all the fault of the saviors! They want to be armed and they come to the camp to get weapons but a fight ensues. The gun fire attacks walkers which of course leads to a heard on the way! Daryl and Rick argue, fight, and have to get out of danger. Then they both separate and Rick says he’ll divert the heard! Ugh OH!

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This is when it happens people! OMG. I wasn’t sure that they were going to do it right then and there. There is no way Rick is getting out of his pickle, so now we will see how he comes to terms with his impending death. I just hope he dies before all those walkers get to him. I don’t want to see him get eaten by walkers.

So far episode 4 has been my favorite episode! I have high hopes for Ricks last episode. Lets hope they do him justice.

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