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The Walking Dead Season 8 returns Sunday! Normally I would be ecstatic and I want to still feel that BUT after the whole Carl thing I’m on the fence. The big question is where from here?


I’m all for diverting from the comics. I love the comics but it’s definitely fun to see the changes they made in the show. I disliked Carol in the comics but I LOVE her in the show. She is the best. I’m so glad they changed her. On the flip side while I really enjoy Andrea in the comics she was just okay on the show. I wasn’t sad to see her go.

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They never made Carol as amazing as he is in the comics and now they need to redeem themselves. They can do this through Judith. Judith dies in the comics with Lorie during the Prison attack. They can make Judith into the Carl character. It looks as if they’re aging Judith up. She needs to be Rick’s right hand. He needs to groom her and she can be his Carl.

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Judith can redeem the show but they have to do it smart. I’m all for seeing where they go after Carl. I don’t think it was necessary for them to do it but let’s bring Judith to the forefront and spend the next two seasons closing out the show.

Where will they go on The Walking Dead Season 8? Share your theories with me.


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