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The Carl Problem is a big one for me on The Walking Dead Season 8. Apart of me understands the logic behind killing off Carl. It’s like a retelling of the comics and they’re setting themselves apart but I don’t think it was the best way for them to separate themselves from the comics.


For me The Walking Dead has always been about Rick and his family. There was a bit of security knowing that Rick and Carl would survive together until it was time for Carl to lead. Now with the Walking Dead season 8 they separated themselves from that storyline.

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I don’t think they’ve ever done Carl justice though. He’s not as bad ass as he is in the comics. Sure there always was moments of Carl’s whining in the comics but it’s never been as bad as it is on the show. The funny part is I love Carl after the war with Negan. The person he becomes is rebellious, bad ass, and so different than the show.

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If killing Carl off had to do with some dispute between the show and the actor then shame of the show. Chandler Riggs gave eight years of his short life to this show and whatever he wanted they should have given it to him.

This is definitely the beginning of the end for The Walking Dead. I’m not sure they can come back from this. I do have a theory how they can but you’ll have to come back next week to find out how!

What do you think of The Carl Problem on The Walking Dead Season 8.


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