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The Walking Dead Season 8 is repeating circles. Nothing feels original right it feels like something we’ve seen before. Part of our BuzzChomp TV video series.


I understand what they were trying to do with the Doctor and Father Gabriel but I didn’t think it worked. They spent a large chunk of the episode following their adventure only to have the Doctor kill himself at the end. Of course he did it to save Eugene and Father Gabriel but it felt so fruitless and this is a pattern that the Walking Dead does.

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That seemed to be the theme of the episode though that every adventure was just fruitless. Tara was still out to get Dwight which is just lame and silly. Maggie of course flexed her good person persona and started treating the capture saviors like we always knew she would. See even though she killed one of the saviors as an example Maggie is still a good person and treats people that way.

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We’ve definitely seen this all before and that’s why The Walking Dead season 8 is just going in circles. Even the whole Eugene storyline is just him doing the same thing over and over. He gives Negan that silly idea of using the walkers against Rick and Co and now Negan will try to infect them with walker guts and whatnot. Eugene was just throwing something out to Negan to throw him off his scent and Negan of course ate it up! It’s not surprising at all.

With the death of Carl the Walking Dead has an opportunity to do something different but so far they’re repeating circles! I can only hope that they surprise us by the end of the Walking Dead season 8.




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