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What’s the end game on The Walking Dead season 8? Okay we get it. Rick and team are no different than Negan in this war, but they just want to fight so they can have peace!


We’ve now seen three episodes that have taken place in just one day’s time. I’m okay with this for an episode or two, but now I’m ready for them to move on so we can see how the rest of the war plays out. See what the real end game is. It’s obvious that they’re going to defeat Negan, but then what?

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Each person needs to make right with what they’ve done. Look at Daryl, right now he’s ruthless. He killed Morales without blinking and he killed that other savior after Rick told him that they weren’t going to. He wants revenge so badly that he’s ruthless! But what’s his end game on The Walking Dead season 8? Hopefully to rid the world of the saviors and then go back to living life like civilized people.

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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The Walking Dead season 8 needs to show us a glimpse of the future! We’re digging the war, but we’re over them looking for guns. It’s time to move this story along!


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