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The Walking Dead Season 8 is moving along and it’s time to let go of the blood lust! I’m giving The Walking Dead the rest of the season to win me back after this whole Carl ordeal.


First, I’m coming to terms with the whole Carl debacle. I still don’t agree with the show for killing him off, but if I’m going to continue to watch the show I have to move on. For now, I’m committed to watch and review through the end of this season.

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Carl urged Rick to change. He hearkened back to how they lived at the prison prior to the Governor coming back. The whole flash forward we saw from the beginning of the season was Carl’s vision, not Rick’s. Right now though, everyone at Alexandria has blood lust.

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Look at Daryl. He just couldn’t stand that Dwight was out there. He wants revenge on him. Tara and Rosita are the same way. It led them to pull that stupid stunt at the Sanctuary.

They all need to let go of the blood lust to move forward. This does happen in the comics, but there are other people who do not agree with Rick. That creates a lot of drama. They should focus on this for a bit once they close out the war with Negan. The show has a tendency to close out an enemy and throw a new one in the mix. They definitely need everyone to settle before they do that.

The Walking Dead Season 8 has been all about the blood lust. That’s why they should take Carl’s urge to let go of the blood lust.

What did you all think of the midseason opener of The Walking Dead Season 8?




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