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One of our favorite movies this past year was Three Billboards, but is it truly the Best Picture? Our Oscars 2018 debate picks sides. Should the film take home the golden statue?


Three Billboards is a unique and quirky slice-of-life film mixed with the emotional drama one family endures after the death of their young daughter. Its well done, enjoyable and realistic in its portrayal, but is it the Best Picture of the year? Our Oscars 2018 debate breaks down why this movie will and will not win the golden statue.

Mandi believes Three Billboards is the best picture of the Oscars 2018. She loves character driven films and believes the Academy does too. Not only is this a heart wrenching movie, but its quirky and down to earth. With two major twists that are hard to see coming, Three Billboards sets itself apart in this year’s race for best picture.

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Dan does not think Three Billboards will win best picture, despite it being an excellent movie. He believes the film will win other academy awards, but the fact that it’s a very American movie hurts its best picture chances. The film is a slice of American life that may be hard to relate to outside of this country. Because the Academy Awards pride themselves on being international, the predominantly American themes hold back Three Billboards in the best picture race.

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Watch our Oscars 2018 video debate for the full breakdown of the movie, spoiler free. Much like life, Mandi and Dan can not agree on this year’s best picture. Trevor Dueck of Sports Betting Dime put together his odds for winning best picture at this year’s Oscars. He gives Three Billboards 2/1 odds to win. Here are his thoughts on the film:

“Can either [Shape of Water or Dunkirk] usurp the momentum from Three Billboards, which won the Golden Globe for Best Drama? Three Billboards’ stars, Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell, already won Globes and SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, too. That’s the kind of streak that can snowball into Oscar season.”

Mandi and Dan love TV and Movies!

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Which movie will win Best Picture at the Oscars 2018? Comment below with your predictions and strong opinions. Then come back to BuzzChomp for all your Film and TV highlights!


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