The Walking Dead Season 7: Eugene a Traitor?

The Walking Dead Season 7 begs the question, is Eugene a traitor? We think so!

We’re three episodes into the second half of The Walking Dead season 7. On Sunday night we got to see what happened with the Saviors after Daryl escaped and when they bring Eugene back.

Eugene has been the biggest PUSS in the TV show. He first lies to Abraham and lies to everyone about being a scientist. He really doesn’t even want to learn to survive on his own. He just wants people to protect him.

Since Negan came into the picture Eugene has just been a big crying baby! He has totally reverted back to his old ways. Now he is living with the Saviors and he’s just fallen in line! We don’t like it kids.

Sure Eugene could be playing Negan. He does tell him that he is a “scientist” which we know he is not but he doesn’t help Negan’s wives once he finds out they want to kill Negan. This would be a perfect opportunity! He also treats that woman who he gets the medicine from horribly!

For Eugene to redeem himself he needs to be playing Negan big time! He needs to just being going along with “I’m Negan” to protect himself so he can in turn stab Negan in the back!

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Do you think Eugene is a traitor?

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