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The Walking Dead concluded season 8 and now it looks like the show is pitting Rick Vs Maggie. Will this really be what season 9 is about? Part of our BuzzChomp TV video series.


The Walking Dead wrapped up season 8 by finally ending the war with Negan and while The Walking Dead’s course changed a ton this season, they’ve stuck to the Negan story of the comics. Rick spares Negan which truly upsets Maggie, so much that when she gets back to the Hilltop she has a meeting with Jesus and Daryl. Maggie now wants revenge on Rick and Michonne for sparing Negan.

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I do not like this at all because I don’t want to see Rick and Maggie fight each other! It’s always better when they work together. Not to mention, I do not like that Daryl is against Rick because that’s so hypocritical of him. He let Dwight go and did not kill him. This is truly a bad course for the show to take.

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I’ve only read to a certain point in the comics, but Maggie is very upset with Rick and she definitely beats him up! Maggie does rule Hilltop differently than Rick rules Alexandria and I guess that is what this is showing, but I don’t like the implications of Rick, Maggie, and Daryl being at odds.

What do you all think about Rick vs Maggie on The Walking Dead?




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