The Walking Dead: Gruesome end to ‘Spend’


It’s Fangirl Friday The Walking Dead edition! Sunday’s episode was a Gruesome way to end ‘Spend!’

Sunday’s episode was so GRUESOME kids! GRUESOME! RIP Noah. I can’t believe how they killed Noah off and in front of Glenn like that. Glenn’s the rock! He’s had hope for so much of the show and most recently his hope kept our group of survivors ALIVE! I don’t want Glenn to lose himself!

The more I find out about Alexandria the more I don’t like it. These people just LEAVE their own. That’s the worst way to start a society and shit is going to hit the fan especially when Carol and Rick find out that this is how Alexandria has survived. Not cool! Not cool at all.

Just one more episode until the 90 minute finale! At this rate it looks like more people will die this season! All I have to say is it better NOT BE DARYL!

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Happy Fangirl Friday and The Walking Dead got GRUESOME! I don’t want anyone else to die this season!

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