The Ultimate Seduction

The ultimate form of seduction may be different from what you’d imagine. Unlike the long-held myth that allure is created by posturing, games, or distancing— the key to all attraction is warmth.

Think of the most charming and engaging people you’ve ever met.  They were undoubtedly warm. Warmth is the quality that opens the hardest of hearts. It allows for an ease of the inner guard, and gives permission to those in its presence feel safe, “to feel.”

Yet there is a strange inner twist that occurs when we discover we are attracted to another: we often retract our natural warmth. We become frozen, shy, or self-editing in the flush of newfound chemistry. We wrongly assume that in our showing interest, we’ll become vulnerable. What if “they” don’t want or accept our interest?

Showing general interest in another (when it is without sexual tension and focus) is universally attractive. Lacking a specific sexual vibration, this type of warmth is met with ease and comfort. Because it is neutral, it doesn’t force an immediate decision about romantic involvement.

Social settings such as bars or clubs often garner uninvited sexual advances. The one, who engages another through a sexual vibe, imagines this to be the “proper manner” of expressing interest. It fails in almost all cases, due to pressure. In a brief moment a significant decision must be made— yes, or no. It’s threatening when unwanted. Even if you might be interested in this person, the nature of their specifically focused energy is forcefully uncomfortable. It’s too strong and direct, leaving no time for proper assessment. It is a recipe for rejection.

Compare that type of energy, with general warmth. Imagine a person approaching you in the same type of setting, who is warm and engaging. You feel relaxed. Nothing is demanded; therefore you’re not put on the spot. You’re more inclined to speak to this person. You may begin to like their vibe and want to continue spending time with them. This is what the charm of warmth creates. In its ease, it allows any form of natural interest to ignite and expand.

Showing warmth for another is extremely powerful. It is this obvious acceptance of them that activates their interest in us. Warmth catalyzes a merging, as it pulls us in and toward the center of its radiance. This is seduction at its finest.

Seduction doesn’t need to be sexual. If there is someone to whom you are attracted, think  “warmth” when you next see him or her. Watch the undeniable power of this quality, when applied. You’ll be amazed at your ability to engage interest, and more times than not, engage romantic interest. Warmth is the key to all allure. When used in an honest way, it melts all ego barriers with its magical properties.


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