The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Horrors Relived! #TBT

It’s #TBT and we’re throwing it back to one of the scariest movies we’ve EVER SEEN! It’s all about Texas Chainsaw Massacre horrors relived!

I was PETRIFIED when I first saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre. PETRIFIED! Leatherface is super scary! He not only kills his victims RUTHLESSLY and during the day! He wears their FACES! YEP! And his family EATS the people! YEP! So Gross. So scary! Perfect for Halloween kids!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre scared me to my core! Re-watching it is a bit cheesy but it still scares me!

Mandi loves a throwback and she loves Vlogging:
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Happy #TBT! Texas Chainsaw Massacre is AWESOME!
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1 Comment

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