The Tenacious Tats and Tunes of Kiss Kill

Watch Kiss Kill perform their hit, “The Incredible Shrinking Me,” live at Tonic Lounge Portland.


Seasonably ripped from the cold comfort of a tightly wound band playing “straight from the indignant, abused heart of rock n’ roll,” quirky quartet Kiss Kill joined Sunny’s Star Talk for some lighthearted riffs and an impromptu performance before playing the Tonic Lounge in Portland over the Holidays. Michelle Blau, Dusti Ohland, Jeff Ouano and Troy Purkapile let it fly with a couple of fan favorites, gifting us this exclusive, private concert.

kisskillbandCozy up by the fire with Kiss Kill as Sunny touches on the many tats between them, and warm your tightly frozen rock ‘n’ roll soul on “The Incredible Shrinking Me.”

To view Kiss Kill’s first ever video of their NSFW hit, “Yes We Are and No You Can’t Watch,” check out Sunny’s post on Oregon Music News.

Videographer: Sean Sexton
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