The Rings of Power Episode 7 | Mordor is Born

There is no light within this darkness as evil overtakes the land and Mordor is born. Is anyone good in this world? Sauron could be anyone and the evil white cloaked wizards are a true enigma. The Rings of Power season 1 going to the villains.


Evil is winning and Mordor is born. I mean, evil can’t truly win in the end, but it sure feels like Sauron and the evil white cloaked wizards are winning season 1 of The Rings of Power. We know Mordor is here to stay, so how will our heroes overcome all of the evil? Is Meteor Man a true good wizard and the savior of humanity, or Sauron in disguise? The Elves and Dwarves have found the true mithril vein and mithril actually heals. But they also awakened ancient evil deep within the Earth, which we know is going to climb on out. Evil is awakening and consuming the world.

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Meteor man aka our Wizard remains the biggest mystery of all and the key to defeating Sauron! Perhaps he’s Gandolf, or perhaps he is Sauron himself. The Rings of Power season 1 is doing a nice job of getting the band back together, because all of the races will be united. We have our elves, Galadriel and Arondir. Our humans, led by Bronwyn. We have our dwarves and our harfoots, mainly Nori. Where is the magic? Meteor Man baby!

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Peace was declared, but has since been broken. Sauron is returned. The rings aren’t crafted yet, so what’s next? The Lord of The Rings defined epic fantasy, so its no wonder The Rings of Power is doing the same. Every twist and turn and betrayal feels legendary. Revenge will be sweeter and the mystery only darkens with each new reveal. Share with us your thoughts and check out our video on episode 7.

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