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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ep5 is all about everyone being delusional. This episode reveals the delusions of Luke, June, and Serena. While each think that they’re in a good spot, this episode shows they are not!


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ep 5 reveals just how delusional June, Luke, and Serena are. June and Luke want info on Hannah and they are willing to do whatever it takes, but they let their guard down big time. The same goes for Serena who totally has let her guard down.


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 June and Luke venture together to No Man’s Land to meet a guardian who has info on Hannah. The two of them decide to venture together. This is definitely another bonding adventure for them. I like that they’re bonding and all that, but they are delusional.

I’m nervous for June and Luke now that they’re caught, but I’m confident they will get Canada! Hopefully they don’t figure out that they’ve captured June Osbourne, but we’ll see. They need to get their head on straight and quit dancing and singing.

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Serena is just as delusional Luke and June. She’s now with Gilead sympathizers, The Wheelers and they are living very much like a Commander and wife of Gilead. Serena is basically help captive there and being controlled. She does have the brilliant idea of turning the cultural center into a fertility center.

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The Handmaid’s tale shows us the delusions of all the characters! Will June and Luke escape these Guardians? Share with your thoughts? Check out Ep5 review.



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