The Mandalorian Season 1 Recap Cliff Notes

The Mandalorian season 1 was a great season full of surprises. So much went on over the 8 episodes that our recap cliff notes are stuffed. As we wait for season 2, catch up on every fire fight from The Mandalorian season 1!


The Mandalorian season 1 is over and done with, but the adventure doesn’t have to end. This first season was fabulous and I loved the journey that it took us on. So much really great stuff happened in the jammed back 8 episode season. This is our recap, your The Mandalorian season 1 cliff notes. Check out our full episode by episode video recap, then comment below with your theories for season two.

BEWARE of SPOILERS! We first meet the Mandalorian as he walks into a bar. He’s searching for a bounty and he easily gets his man. It’s evident from the moment we meet him that Mando is a loner and amazing at what he does. He’s soon tasked with finding an impossible bounty, one that is 50 years old, and no one has any leads on. He ends up tracking his target, partnering with an alien name Kuiil, and even aligning with a fellow droid bounty hunter name IG-11. When IG-11 and him blast their way into where the target is, seeing that IG-11 is going to kill what looks like a baby, Mando kills him and takes baby Yoda for himself.

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Mando soon realizes that there are plenty of other bounty hunters who want baby Yoda and he has to kill a few on his way back to his ship. Of course, it ends up not being easy for Mando to get off this planet as Jawas have raided his ship. Mando re-teams up with Kuiil and he helps him get to the Jawas and Mando is tasked with retrieving an egg. Mando and baby Yoda encounter a beast and baby Yoda uses the force and saves Mando. Now Mando and baby Yoda are off so Mando can get his bounty.

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Back to Navarro where Mando delivers baby Yoda to the imperial officer and gets his purse. He then goes back to his contact Karga and expresses his concern for the bounty. But it’s against bounty hunter code to ask. Mando heads straight to the Mandalorian tunnels and gets outfitted for new armor. We also see where all the Mandalorians reside. Still conflicted, Mando decides to go and rescue baby Yoda. This triggers all the other bounty hunters’ trackers to light back up. Mando has to fight his way out of the city, against Karga and the other bounty hunters, and his fellow Mandalorians come to his aid.

Mando and baby Yoda are now fugitives! Throughout the rest of the season they try to find a safe haven, get money, reconnect with former cohorts, make new friends, and inevitably have to come back and face their original enemy.


So much was jammed into these 8 episodes of The Mandalorian season 1. Make sure you check out my full video cliff notes, because there is ton more that happened. Let me know what your favorite part of this season!

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