The Fail Proof Fitness Tips!


It’s super easy to get complacent in your workouts. We’ve all been there at some point; we fall prey to the repetition and let our guards down. From not pushing as hard to skipping workouts entirely, exercise can get the best of us. No more kids! I have the fail proof fitness tips to shake up your workouts and get you permanently out of that rut!

Always surprise your body, every week and every day if you can. It’s that simple; make sure you’re ALWAYS switching it up for your body. Next time you go running, push yourself to run longer! If you’re like me and you have a standard loop you run, then push yourself to go farther than that loop. Run past the point where you ‘normally’ turn around and make your loop bigger! I try not to pre-plan this, but rather surprise my un-prepared self. Yep! Just decide in the moment that you’re going to run farther and then do it. Surprise your body by adding a mile onto your run and destroy that rut!


Run stairs!

Surprising your body is the BEST thing you can do during a workout. I love doing it during a run, but you can surprise yourself during any workout. Try adding stairs to the end of a workout. Just run a few flights after you’ve finished your ‘normal’ routine. If I’ve gone for a run and I’m on my way back, I’ll veer off and run the steps in the my building. Running up and down those stairs is an awesome way to switch it up! It’ll completely surprise your body and destroy those ‘limits’ you thought you had.

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Another great way to surprise your body is by adding reps to a lifting circuit. My man is always preaching about doing lifting sets to failure, meaning you keep going with more reps until you can’t go anymore, lowering the weight progressively (Check out his video on the subject). Once you can’t lift anymore at your current weight, lower it and continue with those reps! It adds a wonderful cardio element to weight lifting, as well constantly surprising. If you’re doing biceps or triceps, man those bad boys are going to be sore later!


Keep surprising your body to see some amazing results. It’s the fastest and most effective way to reach those fitness goals. If you work in an office, or you work at home, set your alarm to go off on the hour, every hour. When it rings do 10-20 pushups and 30-50 crunches, just like that. Talk about an amazing way to strengthen your body! It’ll also keep you active all day long. Even though you know the alarm is coming, it will DEFINITELY surprise you every time.

For those morning exercisers, something I love to do is add an extra workout in the afternoon. I recommend something shorter and not as daunting as your morning workout. My go to afternoon exercise is a jump rope circuit. I also love breaking out my jump rope, setting a timer for 10 minutes, and simply jumping. Put some music on and let the burning in your legs begin! You’ll work up another great sweat, and the extra workout will make a HUGE difference.

This is a fail proof fitness tip; always surprise your body. Adding an extra ten minutes to your workout will seem like nothing kids, nothing at all, but it’s amazing how the little things add up to huge results. Surprise yourself constantly, make the small change, and enjoy the payoff. Surprise your body kids! Always!


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