The Dropout Episode 5 | Total Fraud

The Dropout Episode 5 shows us that Elizabeth is a total fraud! Elizabeth wins her lawsuit, loses Ian, and Richard is more determine than ever to expose Elizabeth. It’s all about to come out.


The Dropout Episode 5 shows us that Elizabeth is a total fraud. This is no secret, but it’s about to come to light. Elizabeth wins her lawsuit, but this drives Richard to want to expose Elizabeth even more now.

Quick Review The Dropout Episode 5

RIP Ian. I didn’t know the details of this whole story prior to watching. I know the big picture stuff, but this part, which I looked up and is true, is tragic. Elizabeth treats Ian like a p.o.s. This episode solidifies that there is something seriously wrong with Elizabeth like she lacks major ethical, social, and moral understanding.

Sunny and Elizabeth really go through it. Elizabeth tries to use her tactics on him and he calls her out. They both seem to manipulate one another. Just think about how Sunny became CEO. Whatever reason the two of them give at the end for going so far (which they probably don’t) will never forgive what they did. No good person does this.

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I wonder if Elizabeth did actually have thoughts about stopping. This is probably not true, but I guess it could be. I can’t see how she didn’t know that she wouldn’t get away with this forever. That feels naive and I don’t think she was ever naive.

The Dropout Episode 5 shows us that Elizabeth is a total fraud. Others know and will expose it. Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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The Dropout


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