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The Deuce opened up its story and now everybody’s doing it. Porno movies are cool, hip, and the thing to do! The Deuce episode two reaction gets down to business, in the bedroom.


Everybody’s doing it! Literally every character is into Pornography as The Deuce expands its story in episode two. Only James Franco as Vinny has yet to express any interest in porn, but it’s coming! Vinny and Candy have to hook up, make crazy porno movies, and then get into lots of trouble. We need the drama!

So far in The Deuce, no one is mad at each other or fighting one another. There’s the obvious pimp versus hoe dynamic, with some brutality, but the cops are nice. The mob is nice, and even the pimps are kind of nice. Something has to give. Who is going to die first?

Be Fit Enough To Look Good Naked – This is How

We only have eight episodes for the porn industry to explode in Time’s Square, or for it to at least begin. Some conflict has to arise as well, otherwise what’s left? At least everyone is taking off their clothes!

The Deuce is really fun thus far and its characters have so much personality. Even the police are fun guys, taking all the prostitutes out for Chinese food. Its weird and amazing. Keep it coming!

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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Have you watched The Deuce? What do you all think?



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