The Conjuring 3 is Simple but So Good Review

The Conjuring 3, The Devil Made Me Do it, is simple, but so good! That’s right the third installment of the Conjuring franchise just came out. It’s another one of Loraine and Ed’s crazy paranormal experiences. Get ready to experience a solid horror film!


The Conjuring 3, The Devil Made Me Do It, is simple, but so good. This film really nailed it’s genre and these crazy paranormal cases at Ed and Loraine Warren documented are soooo out there! Once again this film delivers the creepiness, not so scary you won’t be able to sleep at night, but a solid horror film.

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I absolutely love horror movies and so many of these possession and paranormal films are based on the cases and the experience of Ed and Loraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. The Conjuring series continues to deliver the thrills and the scares. Personally, I don’t find them super scary. There are of course moments that I jumped, but I don’t get nightmares from these films.

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This film dives into the first case of devil possession used as a criminal defense. I love that this really did happen and that Ed and Loraine documented everything. That adds to the creepy factor for me. Knowing that a water down version of these events happened and these people truly believed they were possessed.



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The Conjuring 3 is such a fun horror film. It’s not super long, the story is simple, they add in a bit of a twist, and the characters are on point. Share with me what your favorite part of this film is! Don’t forget to watch our fun 60 second review.



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