Thanksgiving Songs

As we head into the second to last Thursday in November it has occurred to me, amidst all the Christmas Holiday Hoopla, that there are songs for almost every occasion…Happy Birthday (obvious), Easter (Bunny Hop, Easter Parade-not so obvious), Fourth of July (Stars and Stripes Forever, The National Anthem) and the overabundance of Christmas Carols heard ad-nauseam (insert ‘your’ favorite here). Hell, there’s even a song that you can immediately identify with Halloween (Monster Mash)! But there’s never really been ‘that-one-true’ Thanksgiving song.

Sure there’s Adam Sandler’s ode to his holiday turkey dinner (“The Thanksgiving Song”) and there’s the Ray (the Kinks) Davies’ “Thanksgiving Day” track from 2010 and yes, there are a few more notable tracks like “Alice’s Restaurant” (how this became synonymous with Thanksgiving I’ll never know!), just don’t try to sell me on “We Are Family”-because I’m not buying! But there isn’t that ‘one-true’ song that identifies the holiday for us all!

Thanksgiving History

What could be the reason history has forgotten to write the perfect Thanksgiving song? Maybe it’s because accounts of the first Thanksgiving don’t really lend themselves to positive or heartwarming lyrics. Or maybe, all the food we consume, the barbaric football games (which in my opinion have ruined the holiday) and the late afternoon naps on the family couch, don’t really conjure up feelings of a sleigh bells or angles from the heavens. But I digress…

So I guess we are stuck with parades, inflatable characters, NFL Football, March of the Wooden Soldiers and Grandma’s ambrosia pudding. (Nice)!

Thanksgiving Music

If music is part of your Thanksgiving celebration and you are looking to set the mood for all the gorging that is about to take place, you may want to go with something light and soothing like James Taylor, Bach or your favorite easy listening station. Happy Thanksgiving!

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