Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport Case PERFECT Stocking Stuffer!

I love stocking stuffers! Often my favorite gifts are in my stocking, and recently I got a Tech21 Evo mesh sport case for my phone. Mine is pink, but they have every color, and its the perfect stocking stuffer gift this holiday season!


I have an iPhone 6, so there are definitely a wide variety of cases that fit my phone. Its’s a big plus for me when it comes to phones, and I like to find a case I love, only switching when I’ve worn it out. Since I’d been using the same case for almost two years, I was ready to find a replacement. The Tech21 Evo mesh sport case definitely has that potential! I got the case in pink and am falling for it.

My new mesh sport case is super functional and stylish. That’s really the best thing about this case. I love to run with my cell phone, but I’m not a big fan of wearing it in an armband or whatnot, so I hold it. Consequently, I’m always looking for a case that’s easy to hold. This mesh sport case definitely is! Because it’s a sports case I expected it to be, but you never know until you try it out. I put it to the test and Tech21’s case delivered.

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The feel of the phone and the case complement one another. It’s a plastic-ish case, but once you put it on the phone, the gel plastic hardens to your device and it feels more like a hard plastic case, even though in reality it’s not. That’s great! You want your phone to feel protected and I love that about this case.

I’ll admit, I can be a bit clumsy when I run. I have my moments of falling or tripping and occasionally my phone gets dropped. This being a mesh sport case that hardens over the phone, it will definitely protect my device when/if it falls while running. I love that! The case also won’t break, which has happened to me before with other brands. I’ve had cases I loved and thought they were super sturdy, but they definitely cracked and broke upon being dropped. That is always such a bummer! This case is light-weight mesh, so it absorbs the impact and won’t crack if you let it fly.


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Prior to owning this case, I hadn’t tried out many sport cases. I love a case with a little flair and I find most sports cases to be too basic. This Tech21 Evo case is definitely super cute! It will protect my phone while I’m running and continue to protect my phone throughout the day, but also look great while doing it.

Tech 21 has a wide range of products and they all have flair. They make cell phone cases for iPhone, LG, Samsung, HTC, and Microsoft. Even though I tried out the iPhone version, I’m sure the other cases are just as great! They also make protectors for iPads, as well as for laptops. I love that! I will definitely be trying out some of their other products soon.


For me a cell phone case is such a personal thing. I take a very long time to pick mine out and the Tech21 Evo mesh sport case passed my test! It truly is a great stocking stuffer gift for the stylish sporty girl or guy in your life. There are a wide range of colors, so if pink is not for, then you can choose a different one. They all have great flair!



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