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#TBT – Lefties Unite! National Left handers Day

#TBT – Lefties Unite! National Left handers Day! Lefties are awesome kids!

Lefties have always been an enigma. It seemed random as to why one was a lefty over another especially when some families seems to have no lefties and then have one random lefty. Charles Darwin himself was perplexed coming from a lefty family, being a righty, and then having a lefty son! Well kids it’s prob just a gene thing.

Lefties are amazing! There are tons of famous lefties – presidents, musicians, and actors. Break out of this righty world and be the best lefty you can be. You’re unique and in good company!

Mandi loves a throwback and she loves Vlogging:
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Leftty happy-lefthanders-day

Famous Lefty!

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Happy #TBT! Happy Left Handers Day!
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