Survive the Summer Body Challenge!

I survived the Summer Body Challenge! YES! Another 30 day fitness challenge is in the books and this one was so worth it. Give it your 30 days.


Every month I pick a new fitness challenge and every month I’m always so surprised when I finish. I go in with expectations, but always try to let them go after the first few days. After a year and a half of fitness challenges, I’ve never had a negative experience. The Summer Body Challenge (full details at bottom) itself was awesome, yet it definitely surprised me!

The Summer Body Challenge caught me off guard. I researched the challenge prior to starting and I thought, okay great, another four exercise fitness challenge. I’ve been loving the multi exercise challenges. They keep it interesting and I love how they feel like a significant add-on to my daily workouts. I was very familiar with two out of the four exercises. I’d previously done a 30 day wall sit challenge as well as a dips challenge, but I wasn’t familiar with the names of the last two exercises: reach ups and donkey kicks. I’d actually done these exercises so many times, but never named them. All four of these exercises are great!

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Like many challenges I’ve done before, this one takes its time to get difficult. The difficulty really sneaks up on you with this one. I didn’t feel like it was tough until about halfway through. I almost thought I was actually going to make it through the entire challenge without craving it to be over by the final day. Nope. The summer body challenge got hard all at once. I got halfway through and the number of reps got bigger and bigger and the challenge got more and more intense.


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The funny thing is, I crave intensity from my workouts. It’s definitely a big part of how and why I choose my fitness challenges. The Summer Body Challenge gets really intense, but the intensity balances out since this challenge gives a rest every five days. I love that! I love having a consistent respite and each rest day was worth it.

This challenge is great! Your core, arms, thighs and shoulders will get worked! Who doesn’t want a great full body workout? The best part was, in the beginning it was my thighs and core that burned from the wall sits and donkey kicks. Then during the second half of the challenge my arms and shoulders were super sore from all of those dips. Let’s face it though, my core was basically sore the whole time. That’s what the reach ups will do to you.

The evolution of soreness was excellent. It really helps you get through the challenge, especially since this one is a bit more advanced than other challenges. I do think anyone can accomplish this fitness challenge, you just need to pace yourself. As the number of reps get higher, you’ll need to separate them into smaller sets. The only one you can’t do this for is the wall sit. You’ll have to sit into that bad boy and survive the full two minutes and twenty seconds on the final day!

I really do feel like I survived this Summer Body Challenge! I was challenged mentally and physically and that’s my favorite kind of fitness challenge. I feel invigorated and grateful for the 30 day experience!





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