Super Bowl recipes: Skinny up your Party!

The 2015 Super Bowl falls on the first day of February and everyone is getting ready to party, let loose, and say goodbye to their January restrictions. But don’t go crazy, undoing all your hard work. Try out these Super Bowl recipes and skinny up your party with a healthy salsa, guacamole, sweet potato nachos, and ‘taco’ salad.

I love Super Bowl parties with great food and good friends, but this year I’ll be keeping it skinny. The big game falls during my No Added Sugar 30 day challenge, meaning absolutely no added sugar in anything I eat on Super Sunday. Thank goodness beer and tortilla chips miss the cut. I’ll be using two healthy Super Bowl recipes to spice up my party, starting with homemade salsa.

Salsa has natural sugars, but most store-bought versions are loaded with extras like sodium and more sugar. Skip it and try this spicy homemade salsa. Feel free to dial down the heat if you prefer.


Spicy Salsa


3 vine ripe tomatoes

2 garlic cloves

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 teaspoon jalapeño hot sauce (more if desired)

4 to 5 green olives (chopped)

2 jalapeños (chopped)

1 teaspoon black pepper


In a food processor add the onion, garlic, black pepper, hot sauce, jalapeño, and olives. Once blended, add the tomatoes and blend fully. Add more black pepper and hot sauce if desired.

For a chunkier salsa, separate your tomatoes, leaving one chopped on the side to add in after blending above.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, until the flavors settle.

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Normally I let my dietary restrictions go during the Super Bowl, but not this year. We are sticking to our guns and not making anything with added sugar! My salsa is super yummy, but before we dive into some guacamole, a warning. Be careful of buffalo sauces and barbecue sauces, they always have added sugar and lots of extra calories. Skip the wings to keep it skinny.

After making homemade salsa, you’ll NEVER go back. All the flavors pop in your mouth and your guests will love it! While you’re at it, try your hand at my fresh homemade guacamole. It’s just as easy, super delicious, and a crowd pleaser.


Super Bowl Guacamole


2 ripe avocados

½ tomato (chopped)

¼ cup of red onion (chopped – about ¼ to ½ of an onion)

1 to 2 Serrano chilies or jalapeno peppers (chopped)

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 garlic clove (minced)

1 teaspoon hot sauce

Dash of black pepper


Mash the two avocados in a bowl, but don’t go overboard as its better a little chunky.

Add in garlic, Serrano chilies (or jalapenos), lime juice, red onion, hot sauce, and tomatoes. Mix lightly and top with black pepper.


Not only will I be making both my salsa and guacamole for my skinny Super Bowl festivities, I’ll also be making a light and healthy pizza. Trader Joe’s has pizza dough with no added sugar, so it’s on the menu!

I rarely make a traditional pizza, so why start now? I’ll be making a garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese sauce, topped with thinly sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, and fresh mozzarella cheese (go light on the cheese to limit calories). Woo! A Skinny-a-fied pizza for the Super Bowl.

Potato nachos recently entered my life and found their way onto my Skinny Super Bowl recipes menu. For the big game I’ll be using sweet potatoes. One large sweet potato has just 114 calories; not bad. So depending on how many people you’re having over, two potatoes will make a very large serving.


Sweet Potato Nachos


2 large sweet potatoes

Garlic salt

Black pepper

1 cup refried beans

6 olives (chopped)

Hot sauce

¼ cup shredded cheese (Trader Joe’s light Mexican cheese blend)


Use a mandeline, if available, to slice the potatoes thin, but thicker than “chip size.”

Place the potato slices on a large baking sheet and spray with olive oil. Season with garlic salt and black pepper.

Bake at 400 degrees F for at least thirty minutes. You want them to be fully cooked before topping.

Top your potatoes with practically anything you’d like. I’ll be adding organic refried beans, chopped olives, hot sauce, and shredded cheese. Measure out the cheese precisely; one serving has 80 calories.

Bake nachos in the oven until cheese is melted, about ten more minutes.

These nachos are great, coming in at under 500 calories for the whole tray, using just one potato. Not only are they delicious, they’re much healthier than regular nachos!


To add some extra ‘Skinny’ to your Super Bowl party, skip tortilla chips entirely and take my salsa and guacamole Super Bowl recipes and make your own vegetarian “taco” salad. Trust me, it’s easier than you think.


Vegetarian ‘Taco’ Salad


1 cup mushrooms (chopped)

1 cup green pepper (chopped)

¼ cup onion (chopped)

1 head of lettuce (chopped)

1 can black beans (drained and washed)

Corn tortillas


Cook up fajita vegetables any way you like. I recommend mushrooms, peppers, and onions.

Get a head of lettuce and chop it up. Put the lettuce on the bottom of a bowl.

Add a can of black beans, drained and washed, on top of the lettuce. Feel free to warm them up first. Then add the vegetables.

Next add your homemade spicy salsa and your Super Bowl guacamole (from above).

Warm up corn tortillas on the side to tie it all together.


This year you can have your Super Bowl treats and eat them too, without worrying about ruining all your hard work from January! Skinny up your Super Bowl party with these Super Bowl recipes. Healthy never tasted so good.


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