Summer Sports Quote Game, Golf edition – “They Said What?”


It’s a Summer Sports Quote Game golf edition of “They said what?” because summer means sports and golf is funny. Especially if you’re bad at it. Which famous man uttered this less than famous golf quote?

Seesaw Sports debate, where Dan Salem and Todd Salem throw down on the NFL, MLB, NBA and more, only on BuzzChomp. Two brothers from New York yell, scream, and debate sports.


The rules at Seesaw Sports are simple: Player 1 presents Player 2 with a sports quote.

– The quote can be about sports
– Can be said by a famous sportsman
Can be both about sports and said by a famous sportsman, but NEVER neither one

The quote is given, along with three hints as to who said it. Player two then responds with their guess. A correct answer is worth one point for player two. An incorrect guess is worth one point for player one.

After two rounds, Dan and Todd are tied at 2 points each.
Now for round three. “They said what?”



Back for another installment of They Said Whaaat? Here is the sports quote for you to decipher:

“I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators.”


Hint one: This speaker was not famous for playing golf but excelled at college football.

Sept. 13, 1942

Sept. 13, 1942


Hint two: His profession put this man in very elite company historically.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)


Hint three: There is an airport named after the person who said this quote.

Who said it?


Get your airport naming rights today.


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Damn, talk about three very different hints and one very funny quote. Whoever uttered these words is not just famous, but also quite amusing. Although I’d probably hit spectators too if I was playing in celebrity events.

Hint one removes golf, but the fact that this man excelled at college football says he’s an athlete and little else. Perhaps it gives scope to his actual profession that brought his fame.

I’m not getting any closer to an answer with hint two, although I’m guessing its a veiled attempt at giving it away. Is the guy a former president, an actor, or both?

Now we’re talking. I can think of several airports named after famous men, but only a few that may have been successful athletes. I ruled out John Wayne and John F Kennedy. This leaves me with one guess that hopefully covers all the hints and is correct.

Ronald Reagan is the famous actor and president who uttered this silly quote.



You followed the correct reasoning but arrived at the incorrect destination. I don’t believe Ronald Reagan had any particular affinity towards sports, in this instance college football. I wonder if you would have picked out the correct quote-giver if I had replaced hint number three with something referring to his cameo instance on an episode of The Simpsons.

The former college star, former president and current airport-name holder and the man who said this quote is Gerald Ford.

Point for me!



Oh man, I totally would have guessed Ford if you’d used that hint! Good thing you chose otherwise, I suppose. Time for my rebuttal.


Gerald Ford


Score after 2 1/2 rounds:
Todd – 3 points
Dan – 2 points



Dan Salem is Lead Editor, Staff Writer, and Featured Vlogger at BuzzChomp. He’s also Staff Writer for NFL Spinzone and a New York Jets Analyst for Pro Football Spot. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram.

Todd Salem is a Contributing Editor at BuzzChomp. He’s also a Staff Writer for NFL Spinzone, a Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report, and an Analyst for Tipster Labs, among others. Follow him on Twitter.



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