Summer Snacks for Kids That Aren’t Packed With Sugar

Wondering How to Help Your Child Stay Cool and Cut Down on Sugar This Summer? Yes, There Are Summer Snacks That Won’t Give Your Youngster a Sugar High! We have some great healthy and low-sugar snack options for everyone to enjoy.


It’s no secret that sugar isn’t the best for your child’s health. It plays a part in weight gain and may have a hand in the country’s obesity epidemic. Despite having that knowledge, it can be hard to avoid sugar in the summer. That’s where we come in, with some great healthy and low-sugar summer snacks for your kids to enjoy!

Many people will help their children combat the summer heat by offering them sweet treats. Those treats include popsicles, ice cream, soda, and sports drinks. Considering that, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the most ice cream is produced in June. While those drinks and summer snacks can help your child cool down, they’re loaded with sugar.

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Don’t fret, because there are some excellent alternatives out there that can give your kids the refreshing feeling they’re looking for without putting their health at risk.

Snacking on some frozen, fresh fruit is a really easy way to keep cool while cutting down on sugar. Paleo Hacks says that fruit roll-ups, and juices are pretty much pure sugar, regardless of how good they taste. They suggest picking out some cherries, berries, limes, and grapefruit and nibbling on those as an alternative. These fruits specifically are higher in glucose, higher in fructose, and have a lower overall sugar content.

Solution: Mix all of them together before putting them in the freezer for a delicious fruit salad.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so keep it free of those nasty sugars this summer. In an article, The New York Times says sugar is hidden in most popular breakfast foods on the market. These foods are often labeled as “natural” or “healthy” when in reality, they’re not even close. Instead of fruit juices to quench your child’s thirst in the morning, ice water with lemon slices is a great option.

What else can you provide for the most important meal of the day? You can opt for plain yogurt mixed with fresh, cold fruits to cool your child down instead of flavored yogurts (which are actually pretty terrible for you).


By the time kindergarten rolls around for children, more than 40% of them will suffer from dental cavities. Those cavities often form as a result of too much sugar in their diets. Help them cut back on their sugar intake and offer them less-harmful alternatives. That starts with breakfast and their summer snacks, so stay healthy and cool this summer!



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