Best Abs Challenge (Summer Abs) Truly Hard!

I just completed another 30 day fitness challenge and it was truly hard! Summer Abs is the best abs challenge I’ve found. It kicked my bum and totally kicked my abs into shape.


Abs challenges are my favorite and I especially love them this time of year, because its easy to show off your hard work in a bathing suit! Not all of them really push you, and after taking the Pop Sugar 6-pack challenge last month, I was still craving more abs. So I went on the hunt for a harder abs challenge and boy did I find one. Check out my review of last month’s 6-pack challenge for an easier core workout.

This Summer Abs Challenge came to me via Pinterest and after one look, I knew it was my challenge! It consists of three exercises that keep getting harder: crunches, leg raises (god help us all), and plank. Just like all 30 day challenges, this one starts of easy. It’s just teasing you. Day one is only 15 crunches, six leg raises, and a ten second plank. That’s it. But don’t be fooled, this bad boy gets really hard. There are no rest days!

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That’s right kids, no rest days! Sculpting those abs takes commitment. Most challenges have a few rest days mixed in. Last month’s challenge gave a rest every other day. Summer Abs has none and by halfway through the lack of a rest day definitely took its toll! My abs were on fire and I could feel them strengthening. This feeling never went away. Even though I wanted to keep working my abs, I was dreading the final week of this challenge. I dreaded it because I knew it was hard! I knew the pain of constant core work and it was here to stay.

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This challenge is definitely not for beginners, but it can be approached by anyone. The key is to break up the exercises into smaller sets as they get higher in number of reps. The leg raises are no joke and the crunches get intense! This is the best way to approach this challenge. I too had every intention of doing small sets, but since I’d just completed a core challenge last month, my stamina was very high. I felt great doing one whole set, even though it burned like hell. It was actually pretty amazing. Each day I thought to myself “Today will be the day that I cannot do 100 crunches straight,” but I did. I was willing to stop if I needed to and that’s why I didn’t have to. I just went with what my body was feeling and it felt great!

This abs challenge is hard, but you’ll love it. You’ll feel it throughout your core and be proud of yourself each day for completing it. I say this every month, but this truly is one of my favorite fitness challenges. It challenged me mentally and physically, but I was able to push through it. That is what I always look for in a challenge. This one in particular taught me the importance of mental strength when it comes to my workouts. It kicked my abs into shape, but also kicked my mind into shape. It’s perfect to get you some summer abs!

This challenge is a must kids, especially if you’re looking to add to your workouts or switch things up. After 30 days you’ll definitely have better abs than when you started! Enjoy and keep me posted on your progress.




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