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What happened to Lauryn Hill? I loved her growing up! From the moment I heard her sing, I just thought she was the best! Where is she now?

Lauryn Hill, just a girl from Jersey who rose to be a superstar! She was an actress, a member of the hip hop group The Fugees, and then she went on to have the most successful female album ever, until Adele broke that record in 2011. Her music was incredible.

Lauryn Hill couldn’t handle the fame, despite her success. It was not her thing and it took its toll on her life. After her solo success, Lauryn Hill basically disappeared. There were always rumors of a Fugees reunion and on a rare occasion she would perform. Since her success she’s had five children, gone to jail for tax evasion, and most recently done the music for the Nina Simone documentary.

We miss you Miss Hill and wish you would record new music.


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