Stick To Your Running Plan: Run Success

It’s extremely important to stick to your running plan in order to achieve run success. If you’re planning to run a race or marathon, then you know how critical this is. But what about those of us who purely run to just run?


Diary of a Running Chick: February 5th, 2018

Sticking to your running plan is the critical step to having run success. Those who run races know this, but for the rest of us who just go running, how do we approach things? This is where I come into the world of running. I don’t run races, but I love to run. I track all of my runs and challenge myself to run farther and faster! Normally I set a plan for the week and keep to it, but I definitely fall prey at times to giving way to my plan, or at least wanting to.

Just the other day I was running with my man. We did a quicker run and as we ran I said to him “Let’s run a longer run tomorrow.”The next morning we get up and we’re both very sore. I really wanted to just relax, but I pushed us to get out. My husband runs faster than I do and in the middle of our run I see him waiting for me up at a stoplight. I asked him why he was waiting and he said “We are running longer like you planned.”

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I love that he did this! I thought we might alter my running plan, because both of us were sore and tired, but we did not. We stuck to it, even though neither of us wanted to run over six miles on a Saturday morning. Honestly, I just wanted to get a latte and walk, but I’m so glad that we stuck to our original plan!

Looking back on this experience, I once again realized a simple truth. Time and time again, sticking to your running plan is easier than we think! You just have to keep that commitment, and my husband reminded me of that. It didn’t matter how I felt that morning, because I was honestly just being lazy.


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This is another great reminder to share our plans with someone else. My man and I run together a few times a week, so I always tell him what I want to run and vice versa. I do this with him even when we’re not running together and I’m always super excited to tell him how I stuck to my running plan.

Even if you don’t run with someone else, writing down your running plan will help you. Don’t worry about how in-depth your plan is. Even if its simple, such as running five miles tomorrow, documenting it verbally or in writing will keep you accountable. It will hold you to your run success. If you’re new to running plans, definitely start simple. That really is what my story above showed me, that I need to hold myself to even my small running plans.

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I love running and I always say it, but everyone can be a runner. Start by making a plan and stick to it! It’s imperative to your run success. It doesn’t have to be hard, like planning to run a marathon or run 30 miles a week. It can be as simple as running a longer run one day. Don’t put it off! Embrace your running plan!


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