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Snowboarding Essentials February Buyer’s Guide

Enjoy the winter the best way possible, by going snowboarding of course! Our February Buyer’s Guide has all your Snowboarding Essentials. Get shopping!

Getting your own snowboarding gear is the BEST! A kick ass board, bindings and boots will make your next snowboarding adventure totally rock. Let’s not forget how cool it is to film all your awesome jumps, those amazing views and your runs down the mountain on a GoPro! You can also rock an awesome unisex beanie and share with your guy or gal.

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! Now it’s time for our February Buyer’s Guide! Snowboarding Essentials for any level of boarder! Have fun!


Snowboarding Essentials Buyer’s Guide



Roxy Ally Snowboard & Bindings – $285.99 plus FREE Shipping

I have an AWESOME Roxy snowboard! It is amazing to ride and all their snowboards look super cool. You’ll feel confident and have an amazing time boarding.



Burton Sapphire Women’s Boots – $79.99

I love my Burton Boots. They are amazing to board in, plus Burton has great customer service. My boots broke and Burton gave me a brand new pair. I can’t wait to get out there and board with my new boots!



Sapient Sector Snowboard with Bindings – $187.99 plus FREE Shipping

This board is super bad ass. It looks cool and it rides great! It’s perfect for any guy looking for a new board and is a great deal.



5th Element St. Snowboard Boots – $99.99

Owning a solid pair of snowboarding boots is clutch. Renting is a chore and these boots last forever. Plus they look great and feel great on your feet. You’ll be rocking the mountain.



Unisex Integrally Snowboard Helmet – $49.99 plus FREE Shipping

Protecting yourself when you board is essential! Don’t do jumps without wearing a helmet. It’s what you need to do to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Plus they’re pretty bad ass. I love wearing my helmet. I feel strong and safe and fearless with it on!

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GoPro Hero – Bundles start at $149.99

Taking videos while you board is ESSENTIAL! A GoPro is awesome for this. Just strap it to your helmet and take off. You can take it everywhere and you can use it for all your adventures.



GoPro Sports Kit – $26.99 plus FREE Shipping

This kit has ALL the essentials you need for your GoPro on the mountain. You can strap it to your body, mount it on your head, or even strap it to your arm! You won’t ever worry about breaking this bad boy!



Unisex Winter Baggy Slouchy Beanie – $14.99 plus FREE Shipping

I love beanies and I love ones that are unisex. It means I can wear them and my man can wear them too. Having an amazing beanie for boarding is GREAT! Wear your helmet on the mountain, then toss this on when you’re out on the town.



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