Simple Hacks for more Comfortable Running Shoes and Hiking Boots

comfortable running shoes

Success comes easier when you’re comfortable, meaning comfortable running shoes and hiking boots are crucial. Every pair of shoes can be made better with these simple hacks.

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Whether it’s your running shoes or your hiking boots, comfort is a top priority. Starting with the right pair of shoes is important, but even stubborn sneakers can be made more comfortable. Whether you’re wearing women’s supportive sneakers for running or walking, men’s comfort sneakers, or functional hiking boots, our simple hacks will make your feet and activities forever grateful.

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Our personal favorite comfortable running shoes here at BuzzChomp even require a little TLC for optimal wear. Even when you have a great, high-quality pair of shoes, these tips and tricks still make a big difference. Utilize them to make your footwear more comfortable.


Comfortable Running Shoes


If you love to run, walk or do other activities requiring athletic sneakers, there are ways you can make them more comfortable. Doing so starts with something simple. Lace your shoes properly. There are specific ways you can lace sneakers to remedy comfort issues they may be creating. For example, if your heel is slipping, leading to friction, you can find the extra eyelets on your shoes. Weave your shoelaces through them toward the inside. Create a loop on the outside of the shoe.

If you have a wide foot or bunions, you might want to only lace the top of your athletic sneakers. Then bring the lace through to the bottom without lacing it across, and tie it. These are just a couple of examples of lacing hacks you can use, depending on the shape and size of your foot. How you lace your shoes has a big impact on comfort. A lot of people think there’s only one way to do it, but they’re wrong.

After a run, if you notice tenderness in your arch, then add arch support. In addition, adding a heel grip to your running or athletic shoes can help prevent too much movement of your foot. That extra movement may otherwise lead to friction and chaffing.



Comfortable Hiking Boots


If you have a new pair of hiking boots, it’s important to first break them in. This is often true for running shoes as well. Start by wearing the boots in the house. Wear the socks and insoles you plan to wear on the trails. You’ll notice your new boots are stiff initially, and that’s okay.

Then, once you get some experience wearing them in the house, you might want to take them around the neighborhood. If you don’t take the time to break in your boots, you’re more likely to get blisters, which no one wants.


It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to choose a great pair of shoes from the start. Whether for hiking, running, walking or any other activity, you need shoes that fit your feet. When you have a good pair of shoes that fit well, everything seems to click. They’re going to be easier to break in, and they’re going to keep your feet, legs and even your spine and back more comfortable.

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