Join My Self-Made Journey with Homemade Protein Shakes!

Join my new journey! I’m embracing the Self-Made lifestyle with homemade protein shakes to compliment my fitness and health goals. Let the adventure begin!


Recently I signed up to be a Self-Made ambassador. I’d seen their presence on social media and I was intrigued with what they are all about. I love how they represent the same fit and healthy lifestyle that I’m living, so I’m embracing their program and got myself their Self-Made Burner blend for homemade protein shakes. This will be my go-to late morning or afternoon snack for the next month. I’m excited! Join my Self-Made journey for a fit and healthy lifestyle!


Why did I pick Self-Made?

I’ve tried many different proteins and protein shake blends before, but the biggest thing I hate is that most of them are filled with sugar! They always have a bad or funny taste to them as well, because of all that sugar. I did find a vegan protein that I love called Garden of Raw, so when I read that Self-Made is also vegan, it got me more excited to try it out!

What do I hope to accomplish?

Being a new mom, I’ve stopped myself from completely “dieting” post pregnancy. If you follow my fit mom journey, you know that I’m breastfeeding and have to be careful not to mess too much with my calories. I’d love to curb my snacking a bit, so I’ve been looking for something to replace grabbing crackers or chips! That’s where my Self-Made burner blend comes in. Time to make some homemade protein shakes!


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What is Self-Made Burner Blend?

This burner blend burns fat, curbs hunger, and tones muscle. Upon first impression, I love this! Sure, there are a lot of products on the market that claim this, but for me the ingredients of this blend have initially swayed me to embrace this protein! It’s vegan, soy free, gluten free, BPA free, and dairy free. That’s awesome! It’s made from pea and brown rice protein. I’m totally ready to give this a go!

This blend is also low in sugar. Woo! I limit my added sugars and have done so for a couple of years now. I find that protein drinks are always loaded with sugar. This Self-Made Burner blend has only one gram of sugar per serving. This is in the form of Stevia. When you look on the back of the bottle, it also tells you how much sugar alcohol it has in it. What is sugar alcohol? It’s sugar that comes from fruits and vegetables. Most products do not separate these and I love that they do. Sugar alcohol is natural and not bad for you. This blend has five grams, which is totally acceptable!


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Why am I starting this journey?

Our bodies are always changing and they always need a bit of a shock. That is what I’m using this Self-Made burner blend for! It’s time to do something different with my body and I’ve given myself 30 days to see how I like this protein and how my body changes with it! No more empty calories at snack time. I’m changing it up!

We can all use something natural to aid in our fitness journey. Our diet is just as important as fitness to being healthy and feeling great. That’s what Self-Made is doing for me! It’s an aid to my fitness journey. I’ve already made one huge life change by having a baby this year, so why not switch up my approach to my fitness journey as well?


Join my Self-Made journey and become a better version of yourself. A healthier and happier version! I am an ambassador for their products, so if you’d like to try them too, you can use my exclusive discount! Share in my journey and start your own. Then keep me posted with your own experiences!


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